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AJM’s Fisheries Biologist, Hillary Keyes, recounts her recent adventures in Belize.

The past few years in the month of March, you would have found me

April Showers bring… April Flowers?!

Grasslands are one of six natural regions defined by Alberta Environment and Parks, with the other five being the Foothills, Parkland, Boreal, Canadian Shield, and

A Glimpse Into Marine Turtle Conservation: Shelling Out Some Love (and Facts!) for the Majestic Marine Turtle

It is winter here in Alberta, Canada and we are dreaming of warmer temperatures. To turn the thermostat up a few notches, AJM’s Biologist,

The Cheesy 2021 AJM Family Christmas Letter

In case you missed it, here’s yet another cheesy Christmas letter from the AJM family to yours! We hope you all had a merry

What the Duck? Why Waterfowl are Essential to Wetlands

Wetlands provide vital habitat for an abundance of aquatic and terrestrial species, including, migratory waterfowl (ducks, geese, and swans). Many of these important wetland

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