Logical environmental management solutions - that work.

Helping environmental professionals make data-driven decisions, meet regulatory requirements, and lower operational costs. 

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The Challenge

Building a custom software solution for environmental applications is hard.

Regulatory and environmental compliance, data collection, and data analysis can be tedious, costly, grossly inefficient, and unscientific – while building a fit-for-purpose software solution is hard, expensive, time-consuming,  ever-evolving – and not the business you’re in.
The Challenge
Our Solutions
The Solutions

Our innovative technology tools to meet the environmental challenges of today's most progressive industries.

BioLogic’s  hybrid approach to software development allows us to offer off-the shelf, tailored, or custom solutions to our partners – enabling them to meet and exceed environmental and regulatory requirements in less time, with less effort, and less money. Seems logical.
Custom Development

Fit-for-purpose technology solutions.

Our hybrid approach means that we work with our clients to customize our established software for their exact requirements – or develop custom applications from scratch at a fraction of the cost of in-house development.

Our Products

Vegetation Management Solution
Reduce the cost of vegetation management by coordinating treatments, highlighting high-risk issues, and enabling environmental professionals to make intelligent management decisions based on sound logic.
Water Management Solution
AquaLogic is an integrated digital water management platform that promotes efficiency, cost reductions and environmental performance in water use.
For efficient survey approvals

Streamline the survey review process for surface land teams. Share project documents, track and record approvals, request changes and minimize email clutter, all from one simple and logical platform. 

For legal location map access

Our free tool for finding legal locations on high-quality aerial imagery. Purposefully simple, LocationLogic provides quick & simple access to land use records for environmental professionals. 

Our Expertise
Our Expertise

Environmental specialists at your service.

We are a team of environment and regulatory specialists, technologists, and innovators committed to making environmental compliance smarter, more efficient, and more applicable to today’s regulatory environment.

Cenovus was able to leverage BioLogic’s unique combination of environmental knowledge and software development expertise to build a fit-for-purpose tool that has saved us time in the field, and money on regulatory compliance.

Cenovus Energy
Jesse Wong
Senior Environmental Advisor
Cenovus Energy

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